The Last Supper


Or a family reunion. Whatever you want to call it. My mother and I (who I will probably refer to as Lisa) spent the whole morning yelling cooking. She made tai pasta salad, and a separate gluten free version. I on the other hand made cookies. Gluten soy and dairy free. I just tried one. No regrets. Just cookies.

A large portion of our family will be staying in my aunts house on the water in Annapolis. There will be a million little kids and a million calories to be consumed. This time will be a little different because I actually can’t eat 90% of the food. So naturally I packed my own food and brought some allergen free desserts to share. Not to mention my mom made me a serious looking eggplant “parm”. Tonights italian, tomorrows grilling (thank god, less stressful) Pictures and details will come post weekend. But for now, ill leave you with some cookies.

By the way, I didn’t actually make them, I simply followed the instructions on the Cherrybrooke kitchen box. I’m a cheater.

MMMM Burgers


So I had a date with Helen today:
Three Rounds for Time:
400m Run
21 KB Swings (35#)
12 Pull Ups

It was my first time, so it was a bench mark. My body was exhausted from the heavy deadlifts and backsquats this week, and my hands were tore up (from the floor up). Took me 13 minutes and something seconds.. I’ll have to check. I didn’t RX the pull ups. But I used a band and chose to do strict pull ups instead of kipping. I really need to focus on strict pull ups, so that kipping pull ups eventually become something I can perform in workouts. Anywho, I went home and did a half hour of cardio, and then gobbled down one of my sausage and avocado stuffed turkey burgers. Side of three egg whites and a little over a cup of veggies and it was a perfect post workout dinner. 45 grams of protein later… I’m still hungry. Most likely because I’m thinking about my family reunion this weekend and how much good food will be around, but also because I’m having trouble hitting my specific caloric needs. I know, calories aren’t everything. But for my body to operate and be nice to people, it needs 2000 calories minimum. And that’s not 2000 calories of Twinkies and sour patch kids (do twinkies still exists?) this is 2000 calories of greens, meats, healthy fats & carbs. Yet I can’t even hit it every day. Who would of thought I was having trouble eating more… but I am. Now I know how those annoying bodybuilders feel, how they’re always like EAT EAT EAT. I kinda can relate now… dammit.
Naturally, I have no problem hitting my grams of fat everyday. Hello avocados, nut butter, meat and coconut oil. Hello. So I’m left with 400 calories every day, a little bit of protein and carbs, and no fat. …so I’m gonna stop this rant while I’m ahead. I started seeing a nutritionist (Jamie Reisinger). She goes to my crossfit gym and is exactly what I needed! I just needed to sit with someone qualified to tell me how much I should be eating, when I should be eating it, and other nutrition details that I’ll probably be blogging about later. After five years of doing this on my own it kinda feels good to have a nutritionist. I’m so excited to keep working with her, I have a feeling she has me on the right track! Now back to the burgers…


Each Burger:
4 oz Ground Turkey Meat
1/4 Mild Italian Sausage Link
1/8 Avocado

Those are my serving suggestions. Just over 250 calories, 15 g of fat, and 28 grams of protein. The flavor is AMAZING. I buy all my meats at Roots in Clarksville, Maryland. Choose your meat wisely. I like my burgers chemical free, for the most part.


p.s sorry that I called bodybuilders annoying, it just slipped out.

Jobless, single, so I bake

Every single girl has to post about how she’s single, so I figured I’d get it over with in my first couple of posts. It’s completely irrelevant. Something a little more relevant is that I’m jobless.  This is my last summer to have a not-so-serious job. Next year I’ll be required to have an internship, which will hopefully then lead to a permanent job. But this summer? Absolutely no one wants me. I’ve worked at Macy’s for quite some time and even they couldn’t hire me back. Nordstrom kept me on four interviews, talked scheduling, then decided they were over me. I was supposed to work at a pub, they hired me. After they told me to call about when I start training, they didn’t answer any of my phone calls. And last, the children I was supposed to nanny for got moved up from the wait list into this crazy summer sleep away camp. So it’s the end of June and I’m officially done looking. I feel like a serious hermit. I try to keep myself busy but there is only so much time you can spend by the pool before you start itching for a job and some cash money. HAIRFLIP.

Therefore, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with recipes lately. I’m gonna start with what I made the other day out of complete boredom. Took a huge bite of it right before my run and that was mistake number one. (SUGAR) I’ll show you mistake number two later.


So I take a cup of dried mango, cashews, and almonds, and put it in a bowl. Add a cup of dry cherries. Add a lovely quarter cup (or more) of honey and go to town. Then I add 3/4 cup of chopped up coconut. Mix some more.


I take my banana bread pan (that’s the only thing my mom used to use it for so that whatever by whatever pan is specifically called the banana bread pan) and layer it with more coconut, don’t chop it up this time. Add a thin layer of honey, and sprinkle some cinnamon.


Add your mix on top of that. Bake in the oven, 350, 15 minutes.

So… I wanted these to be granola bars. A few days before this I made some seriously delicious granola bars. I took them to my gym and they were a hit. This experiment didn’t go as planned and I didn’t want to waste all that food so I had to think fast. I grabbed a packet of chocolate almond butter and a packet of honey almond butter and mixed it together with two eggs. It kinda turned into a brownie paste. I failed to take pictures of this part. Anyways, I layered it on top of my mix and cooked for another 10-15 minutes. It came out kinda like a cobbler, or a nutty upside-down cake. When I perfect the recipe and become as cool as Juli Bauer (, I will name it, and you all will love it.


Note: Don’t worry… I’ll start posting healthier recipes and ideas soon. For now, it’s treats.

There’s a first for everything…

There's a first for everything...

My first blog post and my first crossfit competition. This was a BLAST and a half. This picture was from our third workout, which was a five minute AMRAP of 85# overhead squats, 1 minute rest, 5 minute AMRAP of 315# partner deadlifts. The tricky part about this workout was that since it was a team competition, you had to be completely in sync with your other male teammate who was working. A lot harder than you might think.

Anywho, this morning I had overnight oats for breakfast. The most delicious breakfast EVER. And I know, oatmeal nor Justins almond butter is necessarily “paleo”, but it’s not doughnuts so I take it as a win. So if you havn’t read my About Me (which you should) you wouldn’t know a few things about myself. I’m 20 years old, entering my senior year at Ohio University. I am obsessed with crossfit, lifting heavy, and will always have a love for running. I am gluten and dairy intolerant, a long with a few other rando foods. Therefore, my diet is very limited. But I do what I can, and create some freaking delicious foods that  I will be sharing on this blog. I’m new to blogging, but I can’t help but want to share my success, tips, ups, and downs with everyone.

Here is my first share. Simple and delicious. Overnight oats.


1 packet Glutenfreeda natural oatmeal (or Oats of your choice, 1/2 cup…however much you like to eat)
1/2 Large Banana
3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (amount can vary on how smooth you want it)
Sprinkle of cinnamon


The only way I have ever done this is when I finish an ever so amazing tube of nut butter. I always make sure there is a tablespoon or so of nut butter left at the bottom, for flavor and awesomeness. So I empty the oats into the tube, and add the almond milk. I mash up my banana and put it in there, and sprinkle some cinnamon. I mix everything around, and scrape the edges and bottom so the scraps of nut butter get mixed into the oatmeal. YUM. It is usually enough to be your whole breakfast, but doesn’t have a wopping amount of protein. If you’re looking for more protein, depending on your caloric needs, you can add some eggs on the side. Or steak, my paleo people. Keep in the refrigerator over night, and enjoy in the morning.  Nighttime is the best time to make these. You wake up and don’t have to fix your breakfast. Perfect for on-the-go and people with jobs. But jobs? What the hell is a job? That will be the category of my next post…