Just Another Meal Prep Monday

I didn’t really know the true meaning of meal prep until about a year ago while I was living in the dorms. Whatever I’d been eating in the dining hall just wasn’t working, so I started going to the grocery store to make sure I kept food in my dorm that was healthy enough for the week. I’d buy instant oatmeal, wasa crackers and laughing cow Swiss cheese wedges, a bunch of fruits and vegetables, instant brown rice, peanut butter and egg whites. I’d prep my snacks or meals accordingly, and I’d be that weirdo eating in the middle of class out of Tupper wear or a plastic bag. Oh and whoever feels completely comfortable eating an apple in the middle of a 500 person class, I envy you. There’s nothing worse than people hearing you chomp away, and nothing worse than clenching your jaw trying not to look like Kim Kardashian in every episode of The Kardashians.
…I watch that show every Sunday and I’m not ashamed…
So, sophomore year, meal prep was awkward. Junior year I had an apartment and was always in the kitchen. I’d prep most of my meals, and cook dinner every night (Thank you roomies for putting up with my constant cooking). Now I’m home, and with my parents huge grill, meal prep is kind of epic. I throw everything on the grill for ten minutes and call it a day.
Yesterday I made chicken thighs, chicken breast, some burgers with (grass fed) beef, salmon, and some veggies.
I always stick to the usual chicken breasts, but ever since I started buying chicken thighs @ Roots in Clarksville, MD, I’ve been hooked. I’ve also started grilling my sweet potato’s. I thought I liked sweet potato’s before, until I tried them on the grill. Unreal.
Ever since my brother hopped on the Crossfit bandwagon he’s been slowly becoming more aware of how much nutrition matters when it comes to your workouts. Therefore, all that’s pictured is not just food for me. I’m an awesome sister and started helping him make his lunch for work every day. He’s been grocery shopping with me, which I think is good because come August I won’t be around to help him. He’s big on the nut butters, now I just need to get him to put more variety of vegetables in his diet, and crave more fats and protein, instead of craving carbs. He’s pretty much my science experiment right now. I’m starting slow with him, and trying to see if I actually know what I’m talking about. Though I’ve had a lot of success in the past, I still have a LOT to learn. And I’m not a doctor. I started this journey all on my own, and was proud that I got this far, but it’s never wrong to ask for help. With recently seeing a nutritionist, and talking to the nutrition geniuses that go to my gym, I’ve learned so many little things that I think will make a huge difference in not only my athletic performance, but my body image. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing 🙂


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