My Relationship with Breakfast part 2

Just another post with my favorite healthy, clean, protein packed breakfasts. Starting the day right is so important. I’m gonna need fuel before I’m off to another city for the day, and I’m not talkin’ Sunoco. I’d tell you where I’m going…but I’m surprising someone so it’d ruin the whole thing.
Edit// This post was old and not finished in time to post it. Therefore… I went to Philly to visit my cousin , Jayme, to celebrate her birthday with her. Happy Birthday ya old fart!
I’m really bad at surprising people. My face gives everything away at all times and I’m really bad at holding back that “I know something you don’t know” grin. I’ve always wanted a surprise party…but I’m not that good at receiving things. Do you know what I mean? Like on Christmas when you’re sitting around with your family and everyone’s eyes are on you while you open a gift. You are prepared to throw your arms in the air and make it seem like you couldn’t have gone on any longer without that (probably very thoughtful) gift you just received. So maybe that makes me seem ungrateful, it’s not even close to that. Sometimes it seems like the casual “Oh I love it, Thank You!” is enough. There’s always that long stare after you tell people how much you like their gift, as if they expect you to be lying. I want people to know how much I appreciate their gifts. I want to be able to say just that, without the response from the giver being “You hate it, I’ll return it”. Nope…pretty sure I just said I loved it, did you want me to cry and get on my knees? It happens every Christmas morning. There’s always that one thing that my mom comes and grabs out of my hands mid sentence because she’s so worried that I don’t like it. I was even surprised she didn’t rip the puppy they got us for Christmas out of our hands. (How could you hate a dog?!) All in all, it’s heartwarming, and hilarious, and a little frustrating. Even if I did hate it, even if it was an umbrella with a bunch of race cars on it, it’s the thought that counts. My mom’s a crazy Italian women anyway, frustration is the core of our relationship. One second we’ll be talking the next we’ll be yelling, the men in our household will bare arms, and then we’ll laugh about something and everything will be back to normal. As normal as normal can be. All in the matter of seconds. Italians have short tempers, we jump on things. We barely listen, only to have things repeated 50 times throughout the day. I got a lot of this from my mothers side, even my mother has rubbed off on my dad. He’s also started to ignore my mother and I if we are “yelling”. He knows better. We’re just talking.
My mother and I, yelling.
So now that I rambled, I think its time to start talking about my main topic of this post. Of course I thought I was going to do a quick breakfast post, but I start writing and things pop in my head and I find it hard to stop. There’s always a part of me that wishes I went to school for creative writing, journalism, something along those lines. Okay I’m getting off topic again, no one wants to hear my regrets about what I’m studying in school.
As I already talked about in a previous post. I have a serious love for breakfast. Don’t we all? I mean, pancakes, waffles, syrup, oatmeal. You can get peanut butter involved. And, friggin, bacon. But none of that is currently on my menu. I can’t even tell you the last time I had one of those amazing diner pancake breakfasts. Thank you gluten intolerance, the dog days are officially over. RIP:
Once I lose some body fat percentage, I will probably make delicious pancakes again, every now and then. I’m thinking Sunday brunch at school. After a long week of drinking studying and crossfit reading. The perfect sunday breakfast. I make some amazing, clean, and healthy pancakes too. Sweet potato pancakes with homemade raspberry syrup, protein pancakes, the list goes on. Coming soon people, you can put your tongues back in your mouth. But for now its real food for breakfast.
These last two weeks of whole life challenge I’m doing absolutely no fruit or nuts. Too many people have told me they had great fat loss success after cutting out fruit so, I’m giving it a go. (Edit/ not giving that a go, that leaves me with too little on the menu…back to limiting) The day before I decided that I made a kale digestion smoothie. I read everywhere that pineapple and ginger are a great aid in digestion, and my mothers friend had just made one similar. So I put just that in a blender. Kale, pineapple, ginger, coconut water, and ice. I didn’t measure, I just eyed it out. Don’t go too crazy with the kale, and put a teaspoon max of ginger. Mine wasn’t AMAZING, went a little too crazy with the ginger and kale. It would be really good with a little less, so I’ll leave it up to you guys.
Some more common things I’ll have for breakfast are breakfast bowls or breakfast burgers.
This is my common breakfast bowl. It’s about 1 cup of spinach. 2 Eggs, 2 Egg Whites. 4oz Italian Turkey Sausage. Not sure of the exact macros for this, but I’d guess around 400 calories, 25g fat, 50g protein.
And my favorite, breakfast burgers;
I couldn’t choose just one picture of this deliciousness. This meal is about 5 oz Ground Turkey Meat (made into patties). 1 Egg, 1 Egg white. I put 2 oz of ham on this burger. I’ll typically have a side of sweet potato, or veggies, or fruit. Or all of the above…
And now, another breakfast pizza! I didn’t change much from the last one, just some tweaks here and there. Cook it thoroughly, flip it when it’s nearly cooked through. Let the other side cook for a bit but it won’t need long. So much flavor! It was amazing;
5 oz Chicken Breast
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup Egg Whites
1 Cup Veggies (zucchini, skinned red pepper)
4 tbsp Homemade Guacamole (or 2oz Avocado)
Basil Leaves, Salt, and Pepper to taste
450 Calories, 18 g fat, 9 carbs, 64 Protein
Adjust ingredients to fit your nutritional needs!

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