Back to School

So, finally. I have a second to breath and do a little writing. I’m pretty disappointed at my lack of posting in the past month but… I’ve been all too busy. In the past month, I went on an awesome annual trip to Long Beach Island with my dads side of the family. There are at least 50 of us each summer, and it always ends up being my favorite week of summer! I also went to the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert… I wish I could put into words how epic that concert was. The production was amazing and the music was the priority, as opposed to the VMAs main concern being Miley Cyrus’s pancake ass and extreme outrageous lip-synced productions. I was twiddling my thumbs through the VMA’s, except for when Justin Timberlake performed. Not to mention…Nsync;
It may have been a thirty second performance but it was well worth it. So, right from vacation it was time to go back to school. The first weekend of school is pretty much one big celebration. We don’t really know what we’re celebrating, but it’s probably just the fact that we are back in the best school on earth; Athens, Ohio.
It was so great to see my roomies again and our place looks amazing! This year our rooms are huge and we each have our own bathrooms. This past weekend was my 21st BIRTHDAY! FINALLY! Everyone was so surprised I wasn’t 21 yet…and the people at crossfit swore they thought I was a grad student. But nope! Im a youngin. My roomies planned a party for me that Friday night. I was so happy and excited to FINALLY be legal. I know I know, you’re all like
But I’ve been waiting for too long to turn twenty one. The celebrations were all well worth it. I’m talking cake, cookies, too much rum, and some new found gluten free beer. Dog fish head has a strawberry flavored GF beer… loved it! It’s a little sweet but it’s delicious for a quick fix. A few pictures of the celebration:








More blog posts will be coming, about a lot more interesting topics! I just needed a little ramble to get me started again, as always.

A big p.s… Fireball is NOT gluten free. For those of you who are intolerant, take it from me and stay far away from it. No loaded ciders or cinnamon toast crunch shots 😉

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