My Relationship with Breakfast Part 3

Ah yes, it’s breakfast time. If you go to bed brainstorming what you’re gonna have for breakfast the next morning… we should be friends. That way we can at least talk about it together, right? I love breakfast. I wake up every morning like:
So ready to take on some eggs and bacon. When it comes to breakfast and I, I photograph. (And yes, I’m talking about breakfast as if it is a person. I just have a lot of respect for breakfast, ok?) I ate a lot of breakfast food over break. Any time someone wanted to go out to eat, I suggested Eggspectations, a ridiculous place to get any breakfast food you can think of. Maddie and I had just finished a killer WOD at Crossfit Syndicate. I say finish but Maddie, she crushed it. Not only did she PR on her front squat, but she RXed a tough clean and jerk workout. The second she finished the first thing she wanted was some PANCAKES. Who could blame her? She got her pancakes.
Very well deserved. I’m a pansy and got eggs. This is a great example of treating yourself vs. cheating yourself. Maddie is 100% on her diet, kills it in the gym, and deserved every bite of her not-so-paleo breakfast. With the way I ate (and drank) over winter break, I didn’t deserve a pile of pancakes. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t have even been able to eat them. Hash tag gluten intolerant problems. Don’t worry, pancakes happened for me over break. (I know all of you were concerned)
Pictured above are my Paleo Pancakes I made and posted a few months ago. They were delicious! If you’re looking for a real treat, gluten free pancake mix is not to be underestimated! These pancakes (pictured below) were the melt in your mouth, fluffy, pancakes that everyone loves! Yum!
Writing this post is actually making me drool a bit. I started being strict on my diet about one week ago. I am doing really well and already notice (through pictures) a motivating difference! I did a bit of a cleanse last week, which I will post about soon! Stay tuned because… it’s working! 🙂 Results will be slow, but I am ready to work for them! For the rest of this post I will share with you some of my healthy and delicious breakfasts! Some aren’t ideal, nor are they paleo, but they won’t kill ya!
This Lox Tower was absolutely amazing! I used about 1 cup of Egg Whites and cooked them like tortillas. I piled the egg whites with Lox and Guacamole! This meal was about 300 calories maximum. You can’t go wrong with this meal, it’s packed with healthy fats & protein. I was inspired by my leaning tower of ham and eggs in my previous post.
1 Gluten Free Waffle, 1.5 tbsp of favored nut butter, and fruit toppings! This is a treat!
Try it with a rice cake to make it a lighter option!
Gluten Free toast with poached eggs!
Gluten Free Egg & Bacon sandwich. I had two eggs on this sandwich… that’s my idea of “yolo”.
And last, the most delicious, most typical paleo meal. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and avocado. I’ve probably posted pictures of a meal like this multiple times but it just doesn’t get old to me! Food in general doesn’t get old to me, there are so many ways to switch it up!

Update: I have edited my blog and changed my name! How do you like it? I know I keep throwing all these updates around, but soon enough my blog will come together and you will hopefully become hooked 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has been reading and supporting my blog! It means more to me than you know! Keep on keeping on.
Yours Truly,

Paleo ‘Egg Sandwich’ Pancakes

After a long weekend at OSU’s campus, there was only one thing I was craving, and that was pancakes. I had made these pancakes before and they are completely paleo, depending on your toppings & syrup of choice. This time around, I added some protein powder to the pancakes. The protein powder I use, in my opinion, is the cleanest and closest to paleo protein powder you can find. (Besides the paleo protein powder, of course)


Paleo Egg Sandwich Pancakes

1.5 tbsp. Almond Flour
1 tbsp. Coconut Flour
3 Eggs (2 eggs in batter, 1 egg for the top)
1/3 cup egg whites (about)
1/2 Small Banana
2 tbsp. protein powder (optional; not paleo)
1 tbsp. agave nectar
2 tbsp. walden farms syrup (optional; zero calorie, but faileo)


I mixed all the ingredients together, minus the 1 egg and syrup. I mushed the banana as much as possible, and wisked until the batter was smooth. Key word, smooth. This batter was not thick, but made amazing pancakes. It may help to put it in a blender, but it wasn’t necessary. I cooked my pancakes on medium heat, then cooked my last egg and put it right in the middle of the three pancakes. I pushed down and let the egg run all over, almost like it’s own syrup. I honestly barely needed the syrup, the yolk was perfect. But I mixed the two syrups together and poured it over my pancakes and DEVOURED.

404 Calories
20 g Fat
19 g Carbs
36 g Protein

(Recipe can accommodate to your own caloric needs)