The Last Supper


Or a family reunion. Whatever you want to call it. My mother and I (who I will probably refer to as Lisa) spent the whole morning yelling cooking. She made tai pasta salad, and a separate gluten free version. I on the other hand made cookies. Gluten soy and dairy free. I just tried one. No regrets. Just cookies.

A large portion of our family will be staying in my aunts house on the water in Annapolis. There will be a million little kids and a million calories to be consumed. This time will be a little different because I actually can’t eat 90% of the food. So naturally I packed my own food and brought some allergen free desserts to share. Not to mention my mom made me a serious looking eggplant “parm”. Tonights italian, tomorrows grilling (thank god, less stressful) Pictures and details will come post weekend. But for now, ill leave you with some cookies.

By the way, I didn’t actually make them, I simply followed the instructions on the Cherrybrooke kitchen box. I’m a cheater.