A Foodies Tour: Wilmington, North Carolina


Last weekend I spent a WONDERFUL weekend in the beautiful town of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. My best friend Casey is a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and a visit was long overdue! Casey is lucky enough to go to a beautiful school, surrounded by amazing places for food & drink, and not to mention, the beach! I thought it’d be fun to document as much of the food as possible! As many of you know, I’ve been trying to diet, but this was one trip I was willing to splurge for! Our friend, Jenna, goes to school at High Point University, so she came a long for the trip as well! Not only do the three of us love each other, but we love food. Casey, Jenna and I also have a love for natural foods. Farm to table restaurants are a favorite of ours. We love finding delicious restaurants where we know the food they are serving us are natural, organic, whole foods! Though we all love to splurge on lifes greatest temptations, like tequila shots and pizza, we are great at finding a balance between health and fun. Before I send you on this tour, I’d like to thank Casey for an AMAZING trip in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. No wonder she never comes home to Maryland during breaks, I’d go back in a heart beat!


Okay, I know what you guys are thinking. This looks disgusting… I know. I thought I’d include my last Tupperware meal before my flight to Wilmington. This was tuna with mustard and rice cakes. I love this meal, sue me.  After four hours of traveling, between two flights and layovers, I arrived in Wilmington starving! Luckily, Casey was also ready to smash some food, we chose sushi, white girl problems.


A staple at any sushi restaurant is the Edamame. Extra salty, or no salt at all, edamame is delicious! I do have to say, the salt helps 🙂

IMG_5019 IMG_5020

And welcome to sushi heaven. I thought I’ve enjoyed sushi before, but these rolls surpassed all expectations. I had to double up on Gluten & Dairy digestive enzymes, but luckily they provide Gluten Free Soy Sauce for rolls. No surprise here, Casey and I finished all three rolls. This usually isn’t such a challenge but these rolls were huge.

King Kong Roll

Red Snapper and Avocado Cooked Tempura Style, Topped with Spicy Tuna, Scallop, Crab, Crunchy, Scallion, Masago and Special Sauce

Ninja Roll

Tuna, Salmon & Avocado Topped with Scallop, Crab, Crunchy, Orange Sauce & Eel Sauce

Hurricane Roll

CA Tempura Roll Topped with Spicy Tuna, Scallion and Eel Sauce


Epic Food Co. 

Epic Food Co. serves up a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu. They serve flavorful dishes to fit your dietary needs, as there are many gluten free and vegan options. They have perfect portion sizes, and you leave feeling satisfied, not stuffed! There are many great things on the menu, a long with an option to make it “Your Way”. Casey and I chose to make our own fresh bowl!


Caseys bowl consisted of Brown Rice, Chicken, Sprouts, Spinach, epic PICO, and veggie sauté. Casey chose the Avocado Chile Lime dressing as her sauce, on the side.


My bowl consisted of Brown Rice, Chicken, Spinach, epic PICO, basil, and veggie sauté. I followed in Casey’s foot steps and got the Avocado Chile Lime dressing, on the side.


Casey and I both got ourselves a side of freshly homemade sweet potato chips! I can’t explain how delicious these were, you’ll have to try them out for yourself.


Epic does a great job in guaranteeing fresh ingredients and great service. They also include the nutritional values on the Epic menu, or the menu that is already created for you if you don’t choose to make it Your Way. The food tasted fresh and healthy, it was a delicious meal without the splurge! And well deserved after Casey and I hit the gym right before this meal 🙂


After touring Wilmington & Wrightsville Beach for a bit, it was time to make dinner! We spent the day checking out local markets and picking up delicious ingredients for our homemade dinner we were planning that night! We picked up most of our ingredients at Trader Joes. Not to mention, my new favorite sparkling white wine! (I totally forget what it’s called, I’ll have to stalk Trader Joes next time)


We made 1 pound of Gluten Free Brown Rice pasta!


Mixed with 1 pound of White Ground Turkey meat! Seasoned with oregano, garlic, minced onion, italian seasoning, and salt and pepper!


While that was cooking, we made a small antipasta to hold us over. I live for antipasta. Olives, salami, pepperoni, capicola. All that’s missing is cheese and crackers! Man, I miss mozzarella. #DairyFreeProblems


Our pasta dish was amazing! The sauce we used was a Basil Marinara from Trader Joes. We had enough to hold us over, and then it was time to hit the town!


Casey took us out to the beach bars for some drinks and yes, there was dancing! This lucky girl lives right near the beach, just over the bridge and down two blocks!


We spent Saturday a little tired & drowsy, but we made it to the beach. It was a beautiful day, just not nice enough for bathing suits! After a long day of walking, beaching, and mostly napping, it was time to celebrate National Margarita Day! Casey works at On The Border and they were having $1 Margaritas! We started with happy hour there. Guacamole live was a necessity! We finished the night at Tower 7, Casey’s favorite place for Mexican food & Margaritas! I got the steak fajitas. We all cleared our plates and were home by 9 for a much needed nights sleep!

The Basics


On Sunday, Jenna headed back to High Point University after a delicious brunch at The Basics. The Basics is in downtown Wilmington, which is an adorable and quant part of Wilmington! Casey got the Quiche special, which looked delicious!


I got the Carolina Cobb Salad, without blue cheese. I saw someone eating this when I walked in and it looked so fresh so I had to get it!


Jenna got the Spinach Feta Grill. I was so jealous! This meal was a thick cut toasted baguette with poached eggs, creamy spinach, artichoke and feta. Biscuit on the side, of course!


We spent the next few hours at Port City Java, where scenes from We Are the Millers was filmed! Jenna left us to do homework. I, unfortunately, had a paper to write, and Casey had some exams to study for. After our homework was finished, we went on a run and got ready to go to the airport for my 5 o’clock flight back to Ohio!


The struggle is usually so real at places like airports for people with “dietary needs” like me. Luckily, Wilmington had a local eatery right in it’s airport! The women who helped me explained where their meat was from, and that it had no fillers! I got a burger with onions and mushrooms over lettuce. I covered that thing in ketchup, as if we’re surprised.

I hope you enjoyed my food review on Wilmington & Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina! Stay tuned for a Foodies Tour of New York City after my trip this weekend!

Yours Truly,


Now this is a Ramble

Okay so where did we leave off… something boring about egg whites and microwaves. I haven’t blogged in a while. I have two excuses. One, I’ve been ridiculously busy. I like it. And two, I’ve been having really bad wrist pain. I don’t like it. I’ve always had bad wrists, but they’ve been acting up. My doctor said something that helps is less time on the phone and computer, so I’ve been neglecting both, kinda. If I don’t text you back it’s not personal, my wrist hurts.
Another thing, I’m exactly one week into the Whole Life Challenge. I’m doing really well, I’m actually surprised. I thought it was going to be tough to not eat any nuts or nut butters, and cut back on fruit, but its been going smoothly. I’ve been upping my calories, and that’s where things are getting better. My energy is better, including during my workouts. I don’t have that mid day sluggish need for a nap. I’m digesting perfectly, which has been a problem with me for the past couple months. I feel really really good. I know it’s crazy to say after only a week, but I feel like I’m already starting to see results. I’ve also been getting some PR’s at Crossfit. The weekend after the fourth of July, I did a few unassisted pull ups in each round of the workout.
I completed the regional wod with 135# squat cleans. It was a tough one. A different curse word was screamed for each squat clean but, I finished.
I also PR’d my backsquat at 235#. And this morning I turned my one rep max deadlift into my three rep max; 260#. PUMPED! I think it all has to do with how well I’m eating. Also, how awesome my coaches are (shoutout). When I got back from the beach I couldn’t wait to start the whole life challenge. Amy and I are doing it together. We prep our meals every Monday together, and constantly text each other about what we’re eating, when we’re eating it, and why we’re eating it. We’ll also send eachother pictures of what we’re eating, or in my case, I’ll send her pictures like these:
Because I’m weird.
These are some pictures from the beach; Amy is the one in the middle, hey girl hey.
All you can eat Maryland crabs. The best of the best.
A beautiful run on the beach.
Last but most certainly not least. Margaritas.
It was a great weekend. Me and Amy both finished off a full bag of Old Bay potato chips, in honor of the start of our whole life challenge. That was fun. Last weekend was also a good one. One of the coaches at Syndicate, Jess, plays on the Baltimore Charm football team. She’s a beast, and she kicked some serious ass. Most of the gym showed up. I’m really glad I went to support her! It also gave us all time to jam out in the car to the new Jay Z album. That shit cray. (ha…)
And the rest of the weekend was dinner with grandma and the Crossfit Syndicate one year anniversary picnic. (So many pictures, I know, but I love pictures.) At dinner I ordered steak & a sweet potato. Something I eat anyway, but for some reason it was amazing. Sunday, at the picnic, there was some amazing food. BBQ Chicken, brisket, a million paleo desserts. I was bummed I couldn’t try them, but they looked amazing. I attempted to make a Paleomg recipe for Magic Brownie Bars. I tasted a corner of them when they came out, but everyone said they were delicious. I’ll post the pictures, and the link to the recipe underneath. I tried to double the recipe, I think next time I’ll just…not…do that. So they can turn out better.
(I wish this food processor was mine…totally borrowed it.)
…and after. Mine did not look like this. Someone mentioned at the picnic that they looked like onion brownies. I can’t say I disagree. After the picnic a few of us went back to my house to swim. That was so fun! Crossfit pool parties need to be a weekly thing. I’m thinking yes. Especially in this heat. I nearly died in the workout yesterday, luckily I finally woke up for the 6 am workouts today. (Maddie threatened me…) Felt so good to get up and get through a workout that early. I might turn into a 6 am regular. Though the comradery of the evening classes is what really gets me hooked.
So after I just bullshitted through paragraphs and pictures of things people don’t exactly want to read about…I’ll talk about food. Nutrition. Diet. Health. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve been shooting for 50 g protein in each meal. Instead of 4 oz of protein with a meal, I’ll go for around 6. Depending on the meat I am eating. This gives me higher calories, higher protein, and an all around filling and fueling meal. I’m eating more, but I feel skinnier. Wait I’m sorry, skinny isn’t in anymore. Stronger. I feel stronger. I eat most of my carbs post workout. I used to be the opposite, though I still make sure I get a good enough carb source with my “pre workout meal”. I just operate better that way, it works for me. My other meals consist of healthy fats and proteins. I started this blog because I was chefing up a storm…but now my meals are honestly pretty plain. For example, this dinner I had.
Is it pretty? No. Is it instagram worthy? Nope. But it is what it is. Protein, fats, carbs. This was a dinner I had after a workout. It was the end of the week… so it was pretty much all my scraps from meal prep. This was my post workout breakfast this morning:
Italian turkey sausage. 1 Egg, 1 Egg White. 1 Medium sweet potato. 1/4 Avocado. It was large, and I was starving. Heavy deadlifts will do that to you. I’m already hungry again. It’s 10:45 in the morning and I’m about to eat Tilapia. GROSS. But also, yum.
This was a lunch last week. Loved it. 6 oz Tilapia. Guac & Asparagus. It was absolute perfection. But…my wrist is starting to hurt so I’m going to call it a day. Definitely doing a post on my obsession with Lamburgers this week. Stay tuned for that, and prepare yourself for amazingness if you decide to buy those Lamburgers from Roots Market. I’m not even going to edit this post… so I hope you enjoyed my spelling & grammer mistakes and my week in review.